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Connect with Dani Wellness Studio's
Terms & Conditions of Treatment


  1. All package sessions must be paid in full prior to the first treatment appointment begins.

  2. Individual appointments must be paid in full prior to treatment beginning.

  3. For coupons: First appointment to be booked on dates specified on coupons. Remaining dates of any package sessions purchased can be booked after coupon dates with full payment of package sessions. Coupons are not to be combined with any other offers. Only one coupon can be used per service per client.

  4. All promotions are available for a limited time only.

  5. Codes, coupons, and promotions are valid on full-price services only.

  6. Discount codes, coupons, or vouchers: all promotions are valid one time only per client per service.

  7. In case of fraudulent or the obvious misuse of offers, such as coupons and promotion codes, we reserve the right to cancel the service(s) in question.

  8. All Promotions: discount codes, coupons or vouchers can only be applied to new services and one not valid on service sessions already paid for.

  9. Limited appointments available on coupon dates. Clients booked on a first come: first serve basis.

  10. Clients that need to be rescheduled or cancel from coupon dates are subject to coupon deal loss.

  11. All Clients must be in healthy condition: any COVID symptoms and/or other communicable diseases present, rescheduling appointments is a must out of respect and safety for all.

  12. The use of masks are optional, in according to Public Health Ontario guidelines.

  13. For all treatments, there is no substitutions. If you would like to exclude parts of the treatments, full cost still applies.

  14. For all treatments: It is the clients responsibility to discuss any medical concerns with your medical doctor and to inform Connect with Dani Wellness Studio, if our services are not able to be given.

  15. For all Foot treatments:

  1. Client’s feet must be clean.

  2. Client’s feet must have: no open wounds, no sores or disease present.

  3. Foot Reflexology Treatments do not include nail care (no cutting or polish applied).

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