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A Little About Me
I am Dani.

I have been working in the holistic care field since 2018, where I have progressively been becoming my best self. However, it is an ongoing process of growth. I want to help you to become the best of who you are too. 

My Wellness Studio offers Coloured Light Therapy, Usui Reiki Healing, and Reflexology. Please check out my

Offerings Page for details.

I am also a Mindfulness Meditation Instructor.

Check the Offerings page for details on classes.

Everyone is welcome for meditation, the classes are based for wellness of the mind and body.

I enjoy doing tarot card & psychic readings which are available on the Offerings page. I also do readings online. Please check my YouTube channel by clicking the icon below. I am also offering a Learn to Read Tarot Cards classes, see the Offerings page for further details.

My Memberships include:

RRCO-Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario

IAMI-International Association of Meditation Instructors 

Bird Silhouettes

  • YouTube
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